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By S.A. Check:

"What are writers but a night light to reality" - S.A. Check


There are worlds outside of our perceptions,   places where magic is alive and heroes find homes, an escape from the harsh realityof living and a corner where our imaginations are kept safeguarded.  What is a portal other than a conduit, the turn of a page, letting go of the rules to believe in something we’re otherwise taught can’t exist.  We’ve all allowed ourselves to become lost in a book, a story, a movie and let that reality become our own, even for the briefest of times.  It’s there, in the brief moments that we allow fantasy to reflect into reality that as authors, we are given the privilege of building worlds to capture a reader’s imagination and attempt to hold on long enough to leave them with something more than when they started.  And if it can change a perception or add to a perspective, then we’ve accomplished something worthwhile.   



Monkey Farm Cover.jpg


How do you convince your best friend you’re responsible for their murder when they won’t even admit they’re dead?

Ask any kid in Rumors Mill and they’ll tell you the same thing, playing anywhere around the old Monkey Farm was completely off limits. The dark branches of the woods surrounding the abandoned lab held whispers of secret government experiments and creatures that lurked the property at night on both two legs and four. So, it was no real surprise when Effin and his friends decided to spend one fateful summer day in those same woods, one of them didn’t make it out alive. That day cost Effin his family, his friends, and more than a bit of his sanity. When he left town to go live with his aunt, he never looked back.

Ten years and a sketchbook full of nightmares later, Effin’s past finally caught up with him. A little girl’s gone missing in those same cursed woods. He knows returning home means facing his own tortured past, but someone, or something, is calling him back. With the help of the only two people who still believe in him, the ghost of his long-lost best friend, and the girl he left behind, Effin begins a search for a missing child but ends up unlocking the secrets of the Farm’s checkered past and his own lost childhood.

Legend Gary 1800x2700_edited.jpg

Legend Gary

Some family secrets are shocking. Gary’s are downright legendary. 

What kid wouldn’t want a family who hunts monsters in their spare time? Yeah, that’s what Gary thought too. His life was going pretty great until his dad mysteriously vanished into the desert, and his grandpa went a little extra off the deep end. That was five years ago. Now, Gary’s just trying to survive eighth-grade and figure out what Mary, his best friend, is hiding from him in that spooky old house she calls home. As if his life needed to get any stranger, a living tornado pays him a visit one morning in the school bathroom with a birthday gift from his long-lost dad. 

The one present Gary never expected was the Legend Diary, an ancient book passed down by generations to keep the tales of a nation in check. Unfortunately, the living shadow, Dastard Black, has his own plans to use the book to unleash an army of nightmares into Gary’s world. Finding an unexpected friend in the folk hero Jesse James, their search for Gary’s father leads them into the paths of the escaped fables of Cordwood Pete, the Jersey Devil, the Headless Horseman, skinwalkers, satyrs, and more. In a final stand against the legion of shadows, it’s up to Gary to save his family, his friends, and himself, by learning what it means to be a true guardian of legends. 

Maxx Fragg, V.P.I.



     When Maxx lost his brother in a car accident, his world fell apart.  It didn’t help Maxx was driving the car when it happened.

     Finding an escape from his guilt inside the virtual world of Other Syde, Maxx runs the Maxx Fragg Virtual Paranormal Investigative Agency with his best friend, Tane. But in a world where dreams become reality, can nightmares be far behind?

     When a real ghost comes gunning for Maxx inside the program, he’s saved by the last person he expected to see again, his brother. Risking everything for a chance to say he’s sorry, Maxx, Tane, and Maxx’s almost-girlfriend Emi, need to figure out why real ghosts are haunting a virtual world while on the run from a murderous cyber-geist, high-tech security guards, a corrupt corporation with their own plans for the technology, the recluse genius who created the program, and Maxx’s own demons. 

Maxx Fragg OFFICIAL.jpg
Welcome To GreenGrass


John Traveller never asked to be ripped from his life as a police detective on Earth. He definitely never expected to find himself trapped inside a patchwork alien city of magic and technology, locked down under an impenetrable dome. But when a high profile death rocks the citizenry of GreenGrass, Traveller is forced into the middle of a brewing civil war between the city's two dominating factions


three stooges tp.jpg
The Three Stooges Volume 1


America’s favorite funnymen are back in all new original stories featuring the classic likenesses and personalities of The Three Stooges! 70 years after the last film featuring Moe, Larry, and Curly we are proud to present hilarious new shorts with all the eye poking, face slapping, and nose pinching goodness of yesteryear. The Stooges influenced generations of comic book creators and now lifelong fans have a chance to contribute to their legacy with these new slapstick adventures. We cram so much Stooge into this new issue that you’ll be nyuk, nyuk, nyuking it up for weeks to come! Timeless comedy returns to comic books with new and classic stories to tickle your funny bone. Collects The Boys Are Back, StoogeAPalooza, Red White & Stooge, and Curse of Frankenstooge stories.



Stooges TPB Volume 2.jpg

The Three Stooges - Volume 2

Get more nyuks for your bucks with The Three Stooges Vol 2 Graphic Novel collection! America's favorite funnymen are back with the first comic book series that captures the likeness of Moe, Larry, and Curly! These all new adventures present The Three Stooges unique brand of wit and slapstick to a new generation of fans. Celebrate April Fools Day the Stooges way with this 144 page graphic novel collecting The Three Stooges Merry Stoogemas, The Three Stooges April Fools Day Special, The Three Stooges TV Time, The Three Stooges Halloween Stoogetacular, and packed with extra fun parody ads, interviews, classic comics, and even more Stooge goodness.

Pink Panther - Volume 1

The cool cat is back! Generations of kids grew up loving the Pink Panther’s unique style and wit on Saturday morning cartoons. And now today’s best writers and artists are delivering original comic book stories that bring the trademark Pink Panther flair for confounding The Inspector and The Little Man to legions of new families and fans! This graphic novel is packed full-a pink with new stories by Batton Lash, S.L. Gallant, and YA author S.A. Check with amazing art by Disney animator Adrian Ropp, Archie artist Bill Gavlan, and G.I. Joe illustrator S.L. Gallant! We also include for the first time ever, the original Free Comic Book Day story “The Mighty Pan-Thor!” along with some classic tales, design sketches, and more! Get more pink for your green with American Mythology’s new Pink Panther series! Join the Pink Panther, The Ant and the Aardvark, The Inspector, and a host of other favorite cartoons for the all-ages event of the year! This volume collects Pink Panther #1-3, Trick or Pink Halloween Special, and the Pink Panther Free Comic Book Day issue.

Drive In fRights tpb.jpg


It’s a triple feature of frights as American Mythology collects three of its original Drive In Frights titles in one nightmare drenched collection. Volcanosaurus is more terrifying that a hurricane of flying sharks! More bone chilling than an invasion of giant snow scorpions! And more destructive than gargantuan slithering snakes throwing down! Erupting from the very Earth comes an unimaginable threat - giant lava breathing dinosaurs! Meteor Swarm delivers an unstoppable horde of terrifying space hornets that has descended upon Earth and they are going to eat their way through every living thing in their path. And in Beast Hunter X the monsters of legend are being exterminated, facing certain extinction at the hands of a new breed... The super-beasts, more cunning, bloodthirsty and unstoppable than their predecessors! This trade collects Volcanosaurus #1-2, Beast Hunter X #1-2, and Meteor Swarm #1.

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