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Stay up to date with all S.A. Check related news to include upcoming books / signings / and convention appearances. If you see a date available and will be in the area, stop and say "hi". I love nothing more than meeting and talking with new people.

April 1-3

StoogeCon 2016

Had an absolute blast at StoogeCon 2016.  Met thousands of Three Stooges fans as we launched our brand new Three Stooges comic book at the convention.  I met many of the Stooges family members, other great celebrities, and Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos (Curly and Moe from the new movie). Most of all, thank you to all the fans who stopped by to chat with me and support the new book.  Already looking forward to next year.

Sept 1-5

The Maxx Fragg, VPI Blog Tour is officially up and running. Check out the schedule below to follow along leading up to the book's release on Sept 3 and beyond.


Blame It on the Books                         - Sept1

T.K. Toppin                                         - Sept2

Gotta Name My Blog                           - Sept3     (Book Release!!)

Dragons and Triplanes                         - Sept4

Lyndi Alexander and Worlds of Wonder  - Sept5


Hope to see you along the way - and I hope you check out the book!

Maxx Fragg Blog Tour



Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. Now Available for Pre-Order

Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. is now available for Pre-Order over at - a pre-order, crowdfunding service tailored specifically for authors and publishers. You can reserve either your ebook or print copy today! As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support literacy initiatives worldwide! Authors and writers can check out the various contribution levels offered and take advantage of the discounted services being provided by the book's publisher - Ink Smith Publishing. Stop over and check it out.




And we have a cover.....and a release date
Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. will be released on September 3rd 2015 by Ink Smith Publishing with the awesome cover put together by the equally awesomely talented Macy Stom. Check out the main page for a sneak peak! I couldn't be happier with the concept and final product. Make sure you check it out!
Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. picked up by Ink Smith Publishing
It's official - my latest novel, Maxx Fragg, V.P.I., has been picked up by book publisher Ink Smith Publishing. The fine folks over at Ink Smith have been nothing but great and I'm excited for the book's release this September. More news as the date gets closer!



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