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Coming soon to an E-reader near you

The release date cometh. I've just been given the release date for Maxx Fragg, V.P.I. coming to you from Ink Smith Publishing this September 3rd. The novel will be available in print and digital format. I'm excited to get the book out there and in the hands of readers. Check out the awesome cover and here's a small blurb to wet your reading appetite.

Tucked between the shadows and the night, standing in a darkened corner of the room, Maxx Fragg watched the young couple huddled on the couch. They had no idea what he had in store for them. He almost felt sorry. Almost. He watched as Travis stroked Debbie’s hand and whispered something in her ear. Maxx locked eyes with her as he moved across the apartment. He saw the desperation mixed with fear in her eyes and he grinned. He liked it that way. Pulling a pair of gloves from his belt, Maxx cinched them tight around his wrists. The rush of adrenaline rose up from his chest. This was far from his first job but he still got a thrill each time. He clicked off the lamp and the room went black.

Debbie gasped. “Can’t we leave a few lights on?”

“I prefer to work in the dark. It helps me concentrate,” Maxx said. It really didn’t matter but he felt it intensified the experience.

“I think I’d rather see what’s coming.” Travis pulled a cushion on his lap, clutching the fabric.

“Why? You expecting a pillow fight?” Maxx dropped the equipment bag slung over his shoulder.

Debbie jumped. “What are you going to do with that?”

“What I’m being paid to do. My job.”

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